Our knowledge with many different industries has given us the ability to customize our services to the needs of you and your business. HMS Schafer Group believes in long term relationships and we thank our clients and team members for being a part of HMS Schafer Group.

Shafer Group

Paul A. Huner, CPA  Partner -Tax Services

Danette H. Murret, CPA  Partner – Consulting Services

Lacey A. Shipp, CPA  Partner – Audit Services

Kernion T. Schafer, CPAAdvisory Partner

Paula LaCour, CPA Manager of Consulting Services

Candice Reinhardt, CPA

Gwen B. Dargis – Accountant

Beth Goddard – Accountant

Morgan Assavedo – Accountant

Kelly Blache – Accountant

David Toca – Accountant (Intern)

Clementina Garay – Accountant

Danial Hussain – Accountant (Intern)

Anneliese MoranOffice Manager

Tina M. BoscarenoAdministrative Assistant

T. Kay TompsonAssistant



Louis J. Wells, CPA

John A. Mahnke, CPA

J. Brad Murret, CPA